A fantastic delivery this Friday morning, Sagaform arrived with lots and lots of favourites and also a few new products such as this very cheerful teapot called “Blossom” and for a day like today it is just perfect.

And for all of you waiting for the red wine carafe, better hurry because I believe they will be snatched up during the weekend for all those fathers who love red wine…

Any delivery is a joy to receive but I believe Emma is one very happy lady today since it is lots and lots of wonderful products from Sagaform (which I know is one of her favourites). So pop in and say hi and prepare your self for the weekend, if you are going to a party why not bring some of the fancy champagne flutes or a dinner party why not bring a lovely water/wine carafe. Or for that picky one, the Retro storage jars are perfect! We have plenty of ideas and are happy to help. And also don’t forget Father’s Day on Sunday!!!

Here are a few lovely products that are back in stock.

Have a fantastic weekend

Charlotte x

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