My mind is full of inspiration after a long holiday in Sweden. While being at home I took the opportunity to catch up with friends and family and also check out lots and lots of lovely small shop just like Spektakulär to find inspiration. A shop just like this is Balders Hage. A lovely little shop in my home town of Alingsås, it is full of quirky things and at Christmas this is the place I find all my gifts, a lovely glass bowl or tray for grandma, a soap for granddad, a moneybank for my brother, table runner for my mum, and so on… This shop was one of many inspirations when I decided to open up my own, or actually the owners, the Björkman family is one amazing inspiration. The shop in Alingsås started as a family business and now been sold on, but they kept a shop in Gothenburg which is run by the daughter and a webshop run by one of their sons. Every time I am in Gothenburg I pop in to find ideas for my home or the shop or just a small gift for a friend. Balders Hage in Gothenburg is full of ideas and designs I would love in my own home.

The shop has a lovely welcoming feel with beautiful displays, both in the shop and outside. If you go to Gothenburg it is a shop well worth a visit.

Stina and I are now back in Edinburgh and this time I really looked forward to come back here since this is our home now, even if I miss Sweden extremely much now and then, Edinburgh is a fantastic place with beautiful architectural buildings, close to water and countryside, we do have everything we need and want here. I believe I have the best of both worlds. But of course I dream of a small country home back in Sweden where we can spend our summers. Maybe in the future!!!

August will be a busy month since lots of new orders will arrive with new designs as well as your favourites. We are looking forward to see you in the shop.
Charlotte x

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