Pappelina Plastic Rugs…

Great News!!!

Next Pappelina order will be place Monday the 10th of October. I can not express how much I love these and how great I think they are. I have one in my kitchen and I have spilt a lot on it and not a stain, they are easy to clean, put them in the washing machine or as my grandmother does, just rinse them in the bathtub. She bought hers in the 60’s and they are still going strong. Since we have a little one I have plenty of babywipes around, super easy to just wipe up when I make a mess.

Pappelina stands for simple and functional designs of high quality. The idea of weaving in plastic started in 1948 but then reinvented in 1999 by Pappelina. Pappelina is a company that works with interior design, with all stages from idea to the development of the new product. Their hallmark is quality and function, they believe that simplicity lasts in the long run. During the years the Pappelina brand have grown strong within Sweden and is also reaching markets all over the world. In their selection you will find both graphic and simple patterns, as well as organic and soft shapes in well chosen colours for a modern home.

Where would you use them? Well anywhere you like. I have one in my kitchen and  have my eye on a white Svea for Stina’s room because I think the softer weave is so nice to step on. But I am also tempted by a colourful Viggo with stars. Emma has a small Vera One in her bathroom (I know she is very happy with hers). They are very soft under your foot and don’t really move around once you put them down. I would happily recommend a Pappelina rug for your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, hallway, nursery or even outside.

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