A small but very welcomed delivery from KG Design arrived on Friday.

So finally back in stock are the funky bottle stoppers shaped as an Owl.

And of course more colours of the Flower coasters and more colours of the Lace coasters. Perfect for a hot cup of tea to protect a sensitive surface, and not to forget they are really cheerful and pretty as well as non-slip since they are made in silicone.

And my personal favourite the Owl Money-bank in silicone in more colours. It wont break if you drop it, perfect for anyone who likes to count their money, (and it is very light, so a perfect gift to ship).  Just love it in the bright pink.

All images by KG Design

 KG Design is a lovely small company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They started by designing a range for the dog and its owner but have since then expanded their creativity and now focus on functional, stylish and unique designs for everyone in the family.

We love KG Design, for us they are truly unique and we are so happy to be able to represent such an cheerful and good quality brand.  We hope you love them just as much as we do.

Charlotte x

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