Autumn news

I have started a few blogs but just not managed to finish one single one!!! Terrible, feel like time is not on my side at the moment, oh well. Back in Edinburgh and back at the shop which is absolutly great, have really missed it. I was back two days the first week after we came back from Sweden and then bam, Stina got fever and then covered in some strange rash, as children do. So I am sad to say that the first two weeks of being back have not been very productive. That might not really be true, I have visited my Sagaform agent and seen all the new Autumn designs (should arrive within a few weeks). Also seen the new Christmas collections, some lovely designs will arrive from November onwards. I have been in contact with a few new brands we would like to introduce during the Autumn. A Teddykompaniet delivery has arrived, gorgeous slippers with matching bibs and also some super cute pull along (ladybird, snail and hedgehog). Stina got a ladybird as a gift when I started  to let her walk more on the street and it has been absolutely fantastic (thanks Rhona). A lovely new cushion order is on it way (and a second one already ordered prepared for Christmas).

Tuesday the 18th September we have been here for two years, can hardly believe it. Two years ago it sure was a different feeling, we had stock in our livingroom, shelves were not up yet, I was heavily pregnant and both Richard and I were super nervous. But these two years have been absolutely amazing. We have got to know so many new lovely people and it is just such a nice feeling to see the shop grow and becoming a shop people always visit when they are in the area.  It does not look like it did two years ago either, we have managed to find lots of new brands and we just love the look of a bright and colourful shop. So a massive THANK YOU to all our amazing and lovely customers for helping us grow.

Good news, I did take more photos than I normally do in Sweden. So hopefully by the end of this coming week I should have a couple of posts with photos from Sweden. Richard, Stina and I did a shopping day in Gothenburg and I did take photos from my favourite shops:)

Pop in to the shop and say hi, also keep an eye out for news and also some amazing Birthday offers.

Charlotte x

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