A rainy Autumn Day

What a sad rainy day here in Edinburgh and it is cold as well.  I have had some time today to freshen up the window and prepare for more Christmas deliveries and just try to get myself a little bit more organised.

The shop feels really full and vibrate with all the latest deliveries and it sure looks lovely and colourful. So I took a few images from the shop of some seasonal goodies, more to come. Think I need to use my real camera instead so apologies for dark images…well it is a dark day:)

The ever so popular Whisky glasses with its rocky bottom and the new fabulous whisky stones.
Perfect for Halloween, lovely orange glossy cone candles
Love these glossy dark red tall cone candles… I just could not keep them in the back office until Christmas.
Lovely Danish Flensted Mobiles in cute designs. Perfect gift to send or for stocking fillers.
Sagaform’s latest design Pava, a candle holder or a vase
Sweet Shine by Sagaform, gives a lovely glow when lit up. Perfect for Autumn
Lovely Bamboo lanterns by Borste Copenhagen in grey or red.
Large lovely Spectra wine glasses, set of 4 by Sagaform. Comes in a gift box..

We are expeting more deliveries all the way up until Christmas and the first pallet with Ornaments arrived last week and next one is planed in for next week, so glad in-laws will come down this weekend to give us an helping hand to create more storage units in the back office.

Have a lovely day, keep warm

Charlotte x

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