Nina’s Apartment

Since we opened the shop I have come to know so many inspirational people and hopefully been able to inspire one or two as well. A couple of years back I got to know this lovely lady Nina who owns Nina’s Apartment.

Nina is super talented and has an eye for vintage designs, so I would say that combination just can not go wrong. I have followed her while she has been setting up her business, and finally I had the time to go and visit her little shop in the middle of nowhere,  Lethenty Mill in Inverurie.

It sure is hard to leave her shop without finding anything you like. I do personally believe your home need to have personality and to do that you need a little bit of everything. Something old, something new and maybe that nice expensive branded item. So I could see quite a lot I liked for my own home!

Nina is very active and arranging quite a lot of vintage fairs as well as commission work.  So a very busy lady one would say!

So if you are up in the Aberdeen area do take the time to visit her shop or check out her website.

Charlotte x

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