Time pressure and changes at Spektakulär

Unfortunately I have managed to neglect this blog…I am sorry but with less than three weeks to go before the next family member is due I feel like I am a little bit under time pressure  A lot of things needs to be done before the baby arrives…or does it??? Maybe it is just me but I like to be a bit more organised, since this is not my first I do know what to expect…chaos, and with a toddler I think we can expect even more chaos than last time.

Well home front, organise and get rid of things we do not need (which is a lot). Make sure the baby gets a nice little corner in our bedroom, make sure Stina is all set to be a big sister. Since we did not know what gender we had last time we got a lot of neutral clothing and things for the baby and this time, well we don’t know this time either so I think we are basically all set. However we do need a new Färg & Form Cloud blanket, since the last one we had went missing, which was such a shame because it was the favourite one. I can not make up my mind which colour, I think it will be the green one this time. Last time we had the orange which unfortunately has been discontinued. But I like the green one just as much.

Cloud baby blanket
Cloud baby blanket

Spektakulär, not a lot will change, except you wont see me in the shop any longer.  Well I might be around! Stina was with me all the time in the shop when she was a baby, so who knows. But today is my last proper day in the shop and I am quite looking forward to put my feet high and just try to relax before this one will pop out.

Lisa who used to be in on Thursdays is now on her maternity leave and we are waiting to hear the news.  It is with great sadness but also happiness we see her leave us for a few months! I am sure you will see her back around Christmas.

Åsa and Emma will thankfully stay with us as normal, so a couple of familiar faces will be around:) Åsa will now be in on Mondays and Emma on her usual Saturday and odd Sundays as before.

We would also like to welcome Joanne and Zuzanna who will join us two days a week each. Both with lots of customer experience and a burning passion for Scandinavian design. So I must say I feel like the shop is in good hands.

This year we are aiming to get our webshop up and running, it is our main priority. But please do not forget we do mail order now and if you see anything here or on our facebook page just ring the shop on 0131 629 0941 or email us at hello@spektakular.co.uk for more information. We will also set up a paypal account which should be super easy to use.  Otherwise we hope to be able to try a few new brands and new designs. Perhaps even introduce jewellery to go with our lovely jewellery trees. I think space is our concern but I am sure we will work it out.

Thank you all for the lovely well wishes I have gotten during this pregnancy and I will pop up a few images as soon as the little one has arrived and we have settled a little. But before then I hope you all have a lovely relaxing Easter and holidays.

Charlotte x

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