Pappelina Delivery

A few weeks back we got this amazing delivery from Pappelina. And we also added a new feature to the shop. A ladder so we can show off the plastic rugs. However with such a small shop it sure was a challenge but I think we have pulled it off pretty good! And they have cause attraction for sure. I am so pleased to see how many of you fall in love with these rugs.


Plastic rugs??? Well now after owning my own rug and experienced one myself how amazing these are, then yes I would happily put a plastic rug in every room of my home. They are great, soft under the foot, super easy to wash, long lasting, colourful and somehow they seem to hide the crumbs. Customers with animals tells me they are great for animals as well…

You can easily use these rugs in kitchen, hallway, bathroom, living room, great under the large kitchen table, kids play room, bedroom or why not in a conservatory.

Pappelina is a lovely brand based in the dark woods of Dalarna in Sweden. The rugs are actually woven in an old factory in Sweden. The plastic is environmental friendly and also made in Sweden. Each rug take time to make since it is a delicate procedure. This is why the delivery time can take up to six weeks, if not in stock the rugs will be made for us.

This is not all, as well as rugs we also introduced cushions and I am blown away by the quality and feel as well as the beautiful designs. These cushions are stunning and luxurious!

We place an order ever three four months and next one should take place early September so why not browse their website and just give us a ring on 01316290941 or send me an email to for more information. We do have lovely designs in stock so why not pop in and feel the texture for yourself. We are happy to help.

Charlotte x

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