Stay Safe with Popomax

It is sadly the time of the year again…it is getting darker and every day it seem to get a bit darker earlier and earlier!!! It is also the time a year we start to wear our coats again and to be honest most people wear a dark coat or jacket. I know I do!

I remember last year picking up Stina from nursery being tired, both of us and hungry and a bit grumpy.  Driving home in the dark could be quite scary, people are on their way home from work and standing half way out in the street assumed since they can see me I can see them. Children on scooters in dark school uniforms (they can go pretty fast). Edinburgh is a dark city, the streets and sidewalks are not lit up very well. It does not matter if you live in town or on the countryside, it is still important to be seen. I have now made sure all my jackets, handbags, Stina’s jackets and Lovisa’s pram is covered in reflectors.

So invest in a reflector and give the drivers a chance to see you. Even if you might think it is only the children that needs the reflector, think twice. You might be the one dashing between the cars.


As a Swede growing up in the countryside we always wore reflectors. The schoolbus did not stop if we did not waved our reflectors since they did not see us. Reflectors (very ugly ones) were given to all students at school, you could always pick one up with you local bank logo or some local business logo. My mum used to sew on reflector bands on to our jackets. And I thought they were seriously uncool to wear until I got my drivers licence and realized what a difference they make. Since I moved to the UK in 2005 I have never really seen any kind of reflectors guess only seen them on bikers or joggers and I am clearly not in that category:). So I used to stock up when I was home and as soon as we open the shop we introduced Glimmis (Popomax) which has been a success. It is a cheap life insurance and Glimmis have made them fun as well.

Here is a little video that truly demonstrate what a difference a few reflectors can make. Both with and without street lights!

Be seen, stay safe!

Charlotte x

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