Broste Copehagen Delivery!

Love deliveries! It is like Christmas every time! And Spring time is often full of colourful designs to bring happiness after a dull winter.

Latest delivery to arrive was Broste Copenhagen! Broste is a brand we normally stock once a year, just before Christmas since their Christmas decorations are so lovely and Scandinavian, but this time we just loved their Spring collection with happy colours so we could not resist a little order. And happy we did, the lovely Rob candle holders are sure proving popular as well as the tea towels, cushion covers and napkins.

I think the Drop Cushion cover in turquoise is my favorite. Reminds me a lot of my own home before I moved to the UK a few years back. So even though my life have changed a lot during these last eight years my taste seem to have stayed a little which is actually a lot of mixed feelings! Very strange to describe since it suddenly got very emotional…gets a bit homesick some times and the Olympics as well now with the Swedish men going for the gold in the Ice Hockey! Heja Sverige!!!

Anyway shall now enjoy the afternoon in the shop, looks like a quiet day since it is actually raining sideways! But it gives me a little time to get a little bit organised and perhaps prepare an order or two for more Spring deliveries.

Have a lovely Sunday

Charlotte x

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