Swedish Birthday Cream Cake

So here it is, as requested! This is the recipe I use when I bake our Swedish Birthday Cream Cakes. Of course there are lots and lots of other options but I normally stick to this recipe for the base since it is so easy and taste just like I remember my birthday cakes did when I grew up.


This base you can use for any kind of cake. Does not have to be for a round cake, can be any kind of shape or size. Basically more classic I guess with the round ones. I am not sure if Stina will have one of these for her birthday in the Autumn…maybe if I make it pink and shape it into a princess…hmmm I don’t think I shall put too much energy into that thought just yet!

To make a base you need:

  • 3 eggs
  • 3 dl caster sugar
  • 1 dl water (I use hot boiled water something my grandmother told me once that I should do)
  • 3 dl flour
  • 1.5 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla sugar (something I buy at home but can easily just use a little vanilla extract or normal sugar mixed with a vanilla pod)

Beat eggs and sugar until light and fluffy, then add the water little by little while whisking to make sure you don’t get scrambled eggs. Then add the dry ingredients swiftly and pour into a cake base approx 24 cm.

Pop in the oven at 175°C for about 30 min.

Then let it cool down and prepare to cut in three layers.

First layer I normally make a vanilla custard, I have been lazy and bought special powder back home. But before I did that I used a light custard with a vanilla taste which was a little bit heavy but had the right flavor. It needs to be a vanilla cream but a bit heavier but honestly feel free to use whatever you like in the your cake.

First layer...vanilla custard
First layer…vanilla custard

Middle layer can be whatever you like, I normally use a nice jam. I am a raspberry jam kind of person but apricot or strawberry is lovely too. Mashed banana or just fresh berries is nice too. Oh lots of options!

Second layer...raspberry jam
Second layer…raspberry jam

Top layer is whipped cream which nicely hides all my mistakes. And then topping, whatever you like. I like the ones with berries since the cake is so sweet and heavy it is nice with fresh berries but the rest of my family likes sweeties. So smarties, chocolate buttons or what you have at home. I guess for midsummer it is all about strawberries so anything else than strawberries is illegal!

One made by the 3.5 year old and one by me.
One made by the 3.5 year old and one by me.

Before I moved to the UK I used to bake a lot and I thought I was pretty good at it too, I guess I was more experimental and really enjoyed it. However now these days, time and oh my goodness just looking at the cakes makes me put on weight so sadly I am not baking as much. But when I do Stina helps me and I think it is more about a little us time than how perfect my bakes are.

I used to do one alternative to this cake which was soooooo tasty but made you feel a little bit sick! Vanilla custard layer and a chocolate mousse layer and then on top instead of cream I melted chocolate and topped it with raspberries! My younger sister Cecilia is known for making amazing cakes and she is always asked to bake for some other family members special days. Hopefully I can get her to bake me something this summer when we are home or for my special day!

Charlotte x

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