Hello Sweden!

Hooray, for three long weeks we are heading home! Home to Alingsås where we will stay at my mums off and on. Lots of excitement and of course, gosh three weeks at my mums…how will we cope, how will they cope I guess is the actual question?! At least they are working and obviously have their everyday activities but still! Lovisa is in a lovely stage where she is everywhere at the same time as well as trying out new things that for you and me is actually not normal, such as eating everything of the floor and touching things that could actually hurt you. And yes mum has animals, one dog Cindy and two cats, Princess and the Prince. The Prince is also deaf…great! He wont be able to hear her coming, hopefully the floor will shake enough to give him a warning since she just learnt to walk and balancing can be a bit tricky so a few bumps. She is getting there and it looks so sweet! Soon she will come running, and I bet chasing after her sister.

While we are away the shop will obviously be looked after as always by Zuzanna and Ruth! Am so pleased to have these ladies at the shop, they do a great job and the shop is looking organised and tidy. I must admit it is hard work to juggle family and business life so having the support from your staff is so important and without their love for the shop it would not work.

Three weeks at home should also give me lots of inspiration and a bit of energy to prepare the shop for the next step…the dreaded webshop, well dreaded for us to build but also very exciting to see it take shape at the same time.  Oh yes it is on our to do list but keeping being pushed further and further away over and over again. One of the children is not sleeping well, VAT needs to be done, or any kind of admin, the home front is a mess, always something else to put on the list above the webshop. But Richard and I have made a plan and I hope we will stick to it and get our self organised and just do it!  Because I know it is a great demand for a fantastic Spektakulär webshop. And it would be amazing to have it up and running soon. 

Any plans while we are home? Well I decided not to plan anything this time, just take it as it comes because we get really exhausted running between everyone and we are on a holiday not a stress marathon. Sadly I have already managed to fill three weeks! It is just me and the girls for the first two weeks then Richard will join us for the last week. I have booked in to see family, a few friends, suppliers, shops, outlets and a few other exciting things. I guess I do need to try to entertain the girls as much as possible and bombard them with Swedish!

Our last week we will head to Varberg, an hour south of Gothenburg for a long weekend with my mums family. Cottages by the sea has been rented and everyone is coming. A couple of cousins I have not seen since I was a teenager, my aunties and of course my beloved grandmother. My mormor (mothers mother) turned 80 last year and they did this gathering then and decided this will happen each year from then onwards, so one week in August every year we need to head home. Sound good to me! 

Anyway I will do my best to update you, follow us on Instagram since I do try to use that as much as I can or why not follow us on Facebook

Have a wonderful August and enjoy the Festival, don’t forget to pop in to the shop for gifts or treats. I have arranged for deliveries all August so something new every week. Have fun!

So totally forgot to post this blog. Have been home for a week! Just taken it easy but also done a lot of small things. Looking forward to collect Richard at the airport on Friday! Have seen quite a lot I like to show him and both me and the girls miss him a lot.
Charlotte x

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