Autumn time…darker times!

I don’t know what happen suddenly it is dark in the morning and I struggle to get out of bed! Glad I have two little ones who happily let me know it is time to get up. Maybe it is a good thing, got a massive to do list and since we got back from our Sweden holiday I don’t have the same happy energy. To be honest I have felt very low, did not enjoy leaving Sweden this summer and would have loved to have stay there. If I did not have the shop and the love for it I probably would have pushed a bit harder for us to take the next step and actually move home. I guess it does not help that it is getting darker and just a bit greyer. However there is probably nothing that beats a crisp Autumn day, when the leaves are colourful and the air is fresh. So the best way for me to get back on track is to write lists. So you could probably guess, our house, the shop my bags are just covered in lists, Richard does not like it, well he is a proper IT man and thinks I could use my smartphone or the computer and have it all in same place but I don’t know I rather write by hand a little to do list and I am getting there. For the last two weeks I have trying to sort out all our Christmas orders and one by one they are off and delivery has been booked in and soon the shop will jammed packed, which I love!

But first let focus on Autumn and even though it is such a beautiful season it is very short for us retailers, visiting Dobbies the other day and walking around in a Winter Wonderland does make me sad and no we will wait until after Halloween before we change the shop in to Christmas. I do love the shop at Christmas time, it is so cozy, homely, welcoming and warm. But so is Autumn, and this week a beautiful delivery by Linum arrived and their Autumn collection is so strong with bold colours and patterns. We have left out comfort zone with the Scandinavian stripes and tried abstract and happy designs and wow it sure has made a change to the shop already. And Zuzanna sold cushions while unpacking the delivery so it has already proven it self popular. Tomorrow Monday Ruth and I will do a new window and change the whole shop around and make it warm and welcoming for this beautiful season we have ahead of us so lets enjoy it.

After my London visit to Top Drawer and HOME we have also started to introduce a few new brands and designs and I am very very excited. Oh I do love the shop and I do love spending time in the shop, am so happy that this little Scandinavian shop is mine. I am also delighted that we have grown to become a popular little shop and we love how personal the atmosphere can be. I need to be a bit better at posting what being delivered to the shop so you can see and of course we do mail order.It has been quite a long day but a good day. I managed to grab a bargain at Maddie & Marks shoe clearance across the road from us. Stina went to a birthday party saw friends who left for school in August and was very happy to see them again. I hope you all had a great weekend, I shall now finish mine with an episode of Downtown Abbey (yes I am a massive fan of period dramas).

Charlotte x

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