January, time to get cosy!

So after two days in the shop I have changed it around and managed to squeeze in what we had left of Christmas in a few shelves (will get packed up next week). Also left a massive to do list for Zuzanna (she was impressed…or not). We still have a little sale on so why not pop in and have a brows.

Yesterday I packed up our Christmas window display and created a winter display. Warm blues and purples colours, cosy cushions and blanket. Also this stunning silence print by One Must Dashartprint_shhilence_1200

Love to fill up my home with happy prints. It is just so welcoming.

This time of year I am all about relaxing, reading books and looking at that knitting of mine thinking, yeah I shall create a stunning jumper (one day, one day)! Also this is the time of year I like to organize our home, well I like the idea. Go through cupboards and the girls clothing, writing dinner list and get back in to thinking healthy. It is also time of the year when we do a stock take at the shop, sorting all the paperwork and thinking ahead regarding the shop. There are a few ideas we will try to get down on paper during January, some might even be worth following up. It is also time for the big fairs, and the Spring/Summer catalogues has already arrived and a few more is on it way, so I have plenty of ideas. Think I also need to order a few more throws because we hardly have any left and there is still a couple of cold months ahead of us and with this storm on its way I am glad I have my own woolly throws here at home.

Right Lovisa is having a little nap and Stina and I will have a look at one of her crafting Christmas gifts. This should be fun! I think I need to make myself some coffee first!

Have a great day

Charlotte x

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