Glad Påsk – Happy Easter

Easter time, this year we took it a bit more easy when it comes to Easter designs in the shop. Focused more on colours and that happy Spring feeling. When I was home in Sweden I brought some feathers with me (yes yes I am sure they exists here too) but it is not the same. Ruth collected some branches from her garden (Thank you Ruth) and we created a happy colourful Spring window for you!

How to celebrate a Swedish Easter… Well lots of different way I guess, here is some info from, or have a look at this website, which was really good (why not take the opportunity to book a holiday in Sweden as well:)). I am trying to remember what we did as children during Easter and I have a few images in my mind. One of my dad going all red in his face trying to empty a fresh egg of in contents so we could colour the egg shell it self and hang in our birch branches (yes Christmas tree at Christmas and Birch branches at Easter). One memory of my dad cutting birch branches from, I am pretty sure not a place we were supposed to cut it from (remember the very swift walk back to the car) and also the big paper eggs full of sweets and us dressing up as small witches, Glad Påsk written in our foreheads and knocking on doors saying Glad Påsk holding up a empty kettle hoping for sweets. The photo is borrowed online and it is a very true picture how it looks like, or used to. Sadly this is a dying tradition being replaced by Halloween. And no one seem to give sweets anymore unless it its wrapped in paper (bacteria awareness gone crazy) and I hear kids seem to ask for money (!!!) and my mum said that it is also more popular to give a fruit…please NO! It was sweets we were after as kids. I even remember that feeling of extreme disappointment when someone gave me a fruit! And sadly I have told the girls grandma and auntie not too buy big chocolate eggs for the girls (oh dear, evil mum, yup that’s me). So sweets, dressing up, Spring and the food. Oh yes THE FOOD!!! Oh sign now I get all hungry and a little bit homesick. A Swedish Easter buffet a smorgasbord of tasty homemade food… Lax, eggs, Jansons temptation, herring (tons of flavours) paskmust (special drink) or schnapps for the grown-ups, the bread, meatballs and so much more… Here in the UK it is all about chocolate, Easter here is a proper Sweeties holiday. Not like Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or any other holiday. We still have sweets left over at home from last year. Maybe I am over reaction but seriously how much sweets does not the big supermarket sell this time of year…insane amounts! Like last year we will head to Aberdeen and to the girls grandparents. Which will be great. Paint some eggs that we can roll down some hill in some park (never remember which one). Lovisa’s 2nd Birthday is also coming up so we will have a little party for her as well while we are all gathered. I wish you all a lovely and relaxing holiday! Charlotte x

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