Visit Scotland (family holiday)

A few weeks ago we took a little family holiday! Something we planned and looked forward since a family gathering around New Year. Instead of going abroad skiing with Richard’s family (like we used to) we decided to go somewhere local and Scotland is so fantastically beautiful and we do not need to travel far to experience stunning scenery and lots of fresh air. Our destination was just outside Aviemore, this is a part of Scotland I actually know (sadly I have never been north of Inverness nor the West Coast…yet). Together with Richard’s parents, sister with family and us, we rented the North Wing of Alvie Estate.

North Wing

Wow what a wonderful location and we were so incredible lucky with the weather as well, no rain or wind, just a bit chilly but hey that was ok because the sun made up for it. The children were out most of days exploring the grounds. I did not do that much exploring but I really did not mind. Coffee in the sun at a place like this, what more could you ask for (Mr Darcy in the little lake, yes I must admit that did cross my mind)!!!Alive House

So not a lot of activities booked (tons on offer and the Zip Wire looked soooooo cool), but we chilled and spent time together, inhaled a lot of food and drinks. For me this was a great break. Since the girls got so much attention I could sit back and just deal with them when I needed to do the proper mum bits (not that much) which is an ideal holiday. Of course we did not just stayed here for three days (I would really not had minded at all though).


Family friends came for a visit and the kids had so much fun, here chilling with a little FIKA break.

The sun came out and we enjoyed spending half a day in the garden, trusty grandparents had brought lots of garden activities items for us to play with. But it was lots of fun running up and rolling down the hills in the garden (ohh I really am not sure what you call the artificial steps they had created in the garden, but they were very fun to play on).

IMAG2459 kasta kottar i vatten

Some walked and some cycled around Loch an Eilein, stopped for a little picnic and threw pinecones in the river, very exciting for a two year old.


Before we headed back to Edinburgh we visited the Highland Wildlife Park and it was a really enjoyable experience. For Christmas we were given a family gift, a year membership at the Edinburgh Zoo and the wildlife park is included in the membership so an easy choice for us and we did enjoy it. But it was windy and girls were a bit grumpy (wait maybe that was me), even so it is nice to have done it and the Polar Bears were beautiful!!!

Next holiday for us is Sweden, not really a holiday for me since I am going home, just me and the girls for a couple of weeks and my family is NOT like Richard’s, not the I-take-the-kids-you-rest/enjoy-yourself kind of family. But it is a great opportunity for me to give the girls Swedish non-stop for four weeks and for me to spend time with my family and friends. I do know our Scottish family is looking to do the Enchanted Forest in the Autumn. which will be great fun and I do love Pitlochry so will enjoy a visit there to.

Anyway, of course I can recommend Alive, beautiful house, beautiful scenery, beautiful locations and tons of activities to do.

Have fun

Charlotte x

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