Welcome November…

Oh hello November and hello lovely looking Christmas shop! I know it is a bit early!!! Quite a bit actually however it is so cosy in the shop and getting to the shop early in the morning and the stars are on…well it does make me all happy!

Just a little notice…lots and lots of deliveries! The shop is transforming in to a fantastic Scandi Christmas shop and we love it (also working our way through in the back to find space for all the stunning designs).

I will get in touch with all of you who have ordered stars, candle bridges, Lucia crowns and so on this week…it is a long list which is amazing. Thank you all!

Sadly my phone and I are about to break up, 4.5 years we been a team but now it has given up so I am of course trying to find one with a good camera and affordable so please bear with me…photos are coming soon! But for now pop in to the shop :)

Charlotte x

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