Welcome AVEVA!

Before Christmas we introduce a few new brands to the shop and Aveva was one of them. And wow just wow your response to Aveva was so fantastic that we had to do an emergency top up order just before Christmas and I think I need to place another one very soon again which is the best feedback you can get when introducing a new brand!

Wool Trivets in Warm Red Tones
Love the grey and yellow combination
Spring Greens…

Swedish Aveva is modern and playful design company who focus on sustainable ideas and material. Working with wool and wood is their trademark and most of their designs are produced in Scandinavia as well as in parts of the world where hand crafting traditions is still alive.


For me personally Aveva brings happy, colourful designs to your home. I just hanged up some of their garlands over the girls beds at home and they love them and so do I. Nothing makes a home happier than colour, it brings so much joy! I am so delighted to see the response for Aveva and we will happily introduce more of their designs during the Spring here at Spektakulär!


Charlotte x

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