IRIS lights

Oh the love we get for the Iris Lights are truly amazing, and to be frank I am not surprised – they are so beautiful. The colour combinations are stylish and well thought through and we love them all. I just can not work out which one I like the most.

Now I am working my way through some orders during the summer while I am home. Really nice to see things in real life and in a Swedish shop. Iris is one of the first ones to place. We have a few of the lights already on order but please feel free to have a browse though and contact us if you like to order one.

We stock two sizes, 25 light sling and a 35 light sling, I personally just love to hang the straight down from the ceiling on a wall as a feature. It really creates a cosy feel. Which I am all about, a homely home is the most welcome feature you can give your own home.

I am just checking to see if Iris close for the summer, it is very common in Scandinavia that for at least two weeks the warehouses and offices close down, used to be all of July but now these days about two weeks. I have gotten lots of reminders already. As soon as I know I will place this order.

But for now here is some stylish inspirations and I just wish I had a space for them all at my own house.

Have super day

Charlotte x IRIS_Dining10968340_487535838053795_4340254615178619829_n10952086_509576229183089_4101901849523194586_n10885571_468823719925007_2394260392398554842_n10517507_498189860321726_8340601275076307146_n10429290_484945658312813_6909242265491850899_n10341411_380519478755432_4704790327836010966_n1947780_495505797256799_6529552570194857748_n1653633_433474293459950_1594299083378435356_n18119_514123378728374_241048348202164413_nspring


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