Welcome Autumn!

So much is happening at the moment and I must admit I struggle to keep up! So sadly the blog is what takes the worst hit. Not blogged for some time, I do apologise!

Now where do I begin, well first our beloved Spektakulär turned six years last Sunday. Six years, been six years of lots of emotions but what a fantastic learning curve. Also six years ago our first baby girl arrived and then as you know little sister two and a half year later. Yes it is a challenge to juggle family and business life but sometimes I have to remind myself how much the girls enjoy spending time in the shops and also I personally believe we teach them lots of life and social skills by being  part of our business and also chatting to customers. I think Stina’s favourite thing is the scanner, to scan products through the till and make that beeping noise. She just loves it. So be prepared next time you are in and find her behind the till ready with the scanner.

We spent the summer in Sweden as always. Am glad I have the most fantastic staff who love and look after the shop, now both shops, so well that I can go abroad and not worry. As well as Sweden we have also visited other beautiful locations in Europe. But now we are back to the so called routine life. Breakfast club, school, nursery, after school activities and oh hello work. Richard is working his normal day job and then trying to keep up with all the enjoyable paperwork, I think we have most of it under control. But now the really hectic but the most fun bit of being a small shop owner, Christmas preparations. Oh there is nothing better I think than to arrive early to the shop on a dull dark morning in November and all the Christmas lights are lit. It is just so cosy and it brightens up the day.

First, yes Spektakulär has looked a bit bare perhaps but fear not new lovely designs are on its way. Richard and I spent a weekend in London (yeah during the heatwave, it was great) and went to Top Drawer which is a lovely relaxed yet very stylish trade fair. Most of my UK agents and distributors have a stand there. Only problem is that I chat chat chat, these people have after six years become friends and you just need to catch up and gossip and of course see any new designs. This time I placed lots of orders at the fair and they are starting to arrive. At Spektakulär beautiful Ekelund arrived on Monday (oh we love). At Lilla, we are delighted to welcome a new reflector supplier and what a funky brand Firefly is. I really can not make up my mind which ones I love the most. The burger and the roller skate oh and the bolt… You just have to pop in to have a look for your self. Guess what Rachael just emailed me, Linum and Bosign has arrived, a new stunning and stylish jewellery brand (but I need to sort out the prices because I was not expecting it in just yet) which will go on display this weekend. There is one more delivery due this afternoon and I am pretty sure it is from Swedish Pappelina.

So great news, the shops are starting to fill up again and if you are happen to swing by during the next few days it will probably look a bit different from last weekend :)

So just a quick blog but hey at least a finished one (have about 30 drafts since this Summer). Have a great day. I know Rachael at Spektakulär will :)

Charlotte x


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