Half Term Happiness!

Now, I’m pretty sure Christmas was only about 2 weeks ago so how it is almost time for February break is beyond me! Anyone else feel like they have just sleep walked through January and aren’t quite ready for this?  My girls are teens now so their week will undoubtedly be spent aimlessly hanging out in town or glued to Netflix – yup, top parenting right there folks!

For those of you with younger kids who still like to play and have interests beyond snapchat – Lilla is the place to go for fun holiday ideas that will keep them happy for hours.

Plus Plus is a fabulous building toy that is very addictive! Made in Denmark, these brilliant blocks are of the quality you would expect from the land of Lego and are increasingly popular with parents looking for a fun and absorbing activity for their kids.  In 2 sizes (age 1-6 and age 5+) the simplistic shape allows for endless possibilities, limited only by imagination. We stock starter sets and kits in various sizes – the kits have useful instructions for specific projects but the bricks can of course be used to build absolutely anything! They are slightly softer than Lego when you stand on them too…good to know.

91Sn3bcu9kL._AC_UL130_.jpg             712aUGEEVBL._AC_UL320_SR256,320_.jpg

Next we have the My Little Kingdom series.  Each box contains a board book, a jigsaw puzzle, wooden figures and cardboard elements – all you need to turn the contents into a fabulous playset.  Read the book, transform the box into a prop, use the finished jigsaw as a playmat and send the figures off on an adventure! Fairies, pirates, princesses,  knights and a zoo – which would you choose?


Anyone of you who have read the blog before will know how much we love Omm Design products as it means we can fill the shop with our artist hero Ingela P Arrhenius. Ingela is a Sweden based artist and her illustrations are joyful, naive and  retro in style – we can’t get enough of them. We stock plates, posters and cards by her but also puzzles – perfect for filling some holiday time and supplied in handy metal tins.

Animal Lotto is her version of the traditional card matching game for 2-4 players – easy to play and suitable for ages 3+.  We had a very similar game when the girls were younger and we played it ALL THE TIME!! To be honest it never got boring but I wish it had been one of these as the artwork is so cute.

We also stock the Animal 1234 Puzzle Game – throw the dice, take the matching numbered piece and race to finish your animal before anyone else! Again suitable for ages 3+, entertaining enough to play over and over again and small enough to take anywhere. I’ll fight you for the fox every time!

IMG_2142_s.jpg  animalpuzzle2-150x150.jpg

All of us at Lilla hope you have a lovely week whatever you are doing.  If you run out of ideas we also stock giant gold glitter balls – you can always turn your living room into a disco and dance off all that energy!

Play nicely now…

Ruth x

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