Fancy A Cuppa?

Don’t mind if I do – strong enough to skate a mouse on please (something I always say my granny said but I’m pretty sure I made that up!) 

QDO is a quirky range of tea making products, inspired by the orient and designed to bring a little fun to your table. The lovely people at QDO HQ are seriously passionate about tea and totally dedicated to producing products that not only look great, but also infuse like no other. At Spektakular we love their products especially the always popular birdie swing tea infusers but we are also delighted to stock these fabulous mugs.

Celebrating different women of the world – Babushka from Russia, Japanese Kokeshi, Charlotte from France, Freja from Denmark, Mulan from China, Anna from Holland – the Folklore collection of double walled mugs  (to provide effective heat insulation) totally hits the spot when it comes to finding a perfect gift solution for the tea lover in your life. Each mug comes in a gorgeous reuseable fresh tea tin, meaning this quirky collection is really two presents in one! The round, handle-less design is comfy to hold but also means they are perfectly stackable making it a great space-saving option
The only problem is deciding which one to choose…
Images courtesy of QDO

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