Lovely Linens

Years ago I met my dad for lunch and he told me he had seen some beautiful tea towels and he’d like to buy me a selection for my birthday. I was 17. Needless to say I didn’t quite get what he’d seen in them and I got the money instead. Now I’m (ahem) a few years older I can totally see where he was coming from and feel a little bad about it (although I have teenagers and if I offered to buy them tea towels for their Christmas this year, I would get a similar reaction!)

This week we had a delivery of Ekelund tea towels, runners and tablecloths and they are so gorgeous you could actually frame them (and if you want to, we have just the frames!) Designs and patterns range from classic to contemporary and each is truly Scandinavian. For 16 generations, and over 450 years, the family has made textiles and Ekelund Weavers is the oldest documented textile company still in existence and the quality of materials and weaving shines out of all their products. I know, get me – how things change! 

In both shops we have a wide selection of Christmas, traditional, contemporary and even Moomin designs – all organic and produced in Ekelund’s environmentally friendly, green factory. Beautiful on a Christmas table or just for every day use, come along and see them for yourselves – we’re pretty sure you’ll love them! 

Ruth xx

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