Brighten Up Your Bike

I loved my bike when I was a kid. My mum bought me a second hand one out of the local paper for about a fiver and I was never off it, disappearing for hours on end – totally free and untraceable.  I could ride for miles no handed, mastered wheelies and have some pretty cool holes in my knees from racing downhill too fast.  I was lucky enough to live somewhere with relatively little traffic and I wonder if I would have been quite so reckless if I’d lived in a city like Edinburgh. 

What I did always have was lights! It amazes me how many cyclists I see (or don’t see) at night who are practically invisible to me as a driver. Cycling is a brilliant way to get around and I’m all for it but please, please make sure you are visible – it is terrifying having near misses on dark winter’s night.

Which brings me nicely to the point of today’s blog –  Bookman lights and reflectors. I unpacked this delivery yesterday and did a bit of googling to find out more as they are a new product to us. Wow – check them out! We have reflective leopard print stickers that you apply to your bike and as you can see in the pictures below, they catch the lights from cars brilliantly (and look cool, bonus!)  Also in the delivery are magnetic reflectors that clip on your clothing or the bike itself – again giving you that extra visibility not just when cycling but great for running or walking around at night. 

The final product and probably my favourite because I love a gadget, is the Eclipse rechargable light (with USB cable.) It clips on securely to any bag or garment and every light is equipped with both white and red LEDs so you can switch between white light for front mount and red light for rear mount. You could wear these while cycling or running and they are super bright. 

So come on, no excuses not to be as visible as Blackpool Illuminations – we want you to be safe out there! 

Ruth xx

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