Viva Tea!

The Kinks once wrote a song called ‘Have a Cuppa Tea.’ Not the most rock and roll title for a song, it’s basically about how much tea Ray Davis’ granny made (imaginary granny? Not sure, I’d like to think not.) Here’s a few of the lyrics…

Tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea at supper time, 
You get tea when it’s raining, tea when it’s snowing. 
Tea when the weather’s fine…

The point is – just like granny, I drink tea ALL THE TIME! Who doesn’t? If you don’t love tea we can never be mates (bit harsh maybe, gin will do as an alternative.) All of this means I was absolutely cock-a-flipping-hoop when last week we had our first delivery in Spektakular from tea worshippers VIVA Scandinavian. A new brand to us, they stick to the Nordic design principle of form following function and use premium quality glass, cork, silicone and porcelain to create elegant products for casual and connoisseur tea drinkers alike. I’m neither casual nor connoisseur – I only drink vats of builders tea but their range of tea pots and cups has seriously made my heart sing.

VIVA’s collection maximizes infusion for better taste, aroma, colour, and ultimate enjoyment.   Using innovative filters, double-walled glass and non-drip pouring mechanisms, they make brewing easier, enjoyable, and more tasteful than ever. Each item is hand-made by skilled artisans, using carefully selected materials, meaning their tea-ware reaches us (and then you!) in beautiful condition and stays that way for years.

Below we have the super stylish Nicola teapot in white and cork – imagine that bit of design joy on your shelf! The Nina teapot in charcoal is a modern spin on the classic teapot. It features a large comfortable handle, textural finish and distinctive smooth shape. Finally, my favourite, the Bjorn – I don’t know why but I love see-through tea pots, something therapeutic about watching the brew inside swirl and darken. We have in stock the 0.75l size – perfectly suitable for normal tea drinkers, maybe a bit on the small size for me!


Of course, you can’t drink tea without cups and luckily VIVA also do a fine range of these. The Minima Balance cup has a removable infuser and will give you the perfect brew without any fuss – no teapot? No problem! Anna and Andy are different sizes of VIVA’s Anytime Cup and are cheekily designed to look like disposable paper cups and yet are made from porcelain. My favourites I think are the Nicola thermo cups which come as a set of 2. They are super stylish and fit perfectly in your hand – I wish I was allowed more mugs in my house…

Minima Balance
Anna and Andy

We also stock their stylish and useful Tea Egg – fill it with loose tea and simply pop it in a cup of hot water for a quick tea fix. Finally we have the rather lovely Nina milk and sugar set in charcoal, a stylish and useful addition to your tea making kit.

Tea Egg
Nina Milk and Sugar

All images by Viva Scandinavian

As you can probably tell, of all the fantastic deliveries we have had recently in the shops, this has been a particular favourite of mine – while writing this blog alone I have had 2 cups, tough job. Right Charlotte, get that kettle on!

Ruth xx

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