Spektakulär NEWS

Hello everyone, I see we still have a lot of traffic here, which is great but I am so sorry I have forgotten to update you all.

Firstly this lovely blog which has been a little side project during our years has now moved to here.

Then the other news we have is that our lovely tiny brick & mortar shop on Colinton Road in Edinburgh now is closed permanently. But great news is that during lockdown number 1 we FINALLY built that webshop we have been asked to do for so many years and yes we are now 100% online so you can now shop from us from all over UK.

It is still a learning curve for us but, basically a whole new job for me as I always left anything IT to Richard and now I am learning so much which is great but also very different.

Thank you everyone who has read this blog over the years, please do head over to our new blog and also check out our webshop and please if you can do sign up for the newsletters as it will be there I will post any news or promotions first.


Thank you everyone

Charlotte xx

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