7 thoughts on “See inside

  1. Joy Stuart Olver

    Hi,I rang a few minutes ago and requested that you keep the large set of electric white candles with the the grey wool trim in each one., forme and post it to me in England. Circular said she would write a note for tomorrow morning as she isn’t in. Would be grateful if you could keep it aside and I will ring tomorrow lunchtime and pay for it including postage.
    Thankyou! Joy Stuart Olver.

    1. Hi there! Excellent! There is one or two left.
      I will look at it tomorrow since I’m at out tonight for daughters drama show. But will send you a message around lunch tomorrow. Charlotte

    2. Hi there! Excellent! There is one or two left.
      I will look at it tomorrow since I’m at out tonight for daughters drama show. Will confirm stock and postage once I arrive to the shop tomorrow (working the late shift tomorrow). Charlotte

    1. Hi Barbara, what are you thinking of? Like a normal Christmas 🌲 or a light shaped as a tree? Our sale starts tomorrow and we do have a few of our star lights and light bridges left. No trees but a wall hanging light that is lovely. Think it was £95 and now down to £65. Charlotte

  2. Lynn

    Do you sell Pappelina rugs? If so, do you know if they offer a sample swatch service?
    I have an EFFI rug in my bathroom but I’m looking for a different type for the living room, but I wouldn’t like the texture of the EFFI version in the living room.
    Sorry to bother you, if you don’t sell them (but you’re listed on their website as a store).

    1. Hi Lynn! I’m very sorry for such a late reply. Just spotted lots of unseen message here on the blog and I’m truly sorry I had not seen this until now. I hope you are coping well at the moment. Spektakulär is temporarily closed just now but yes I stock Pappelina. Effi is a lovely design but the weave is not as hard so it is softer under foot. Normally they are must harder and tighter in the weave. Still comfortable but not as much as the Effi. Unfortunately they don’t do colour swatches but I have quite a few in the shop so please do come and see us once we reopen again (we don’t know when yet). And I am taking orders, it will not be a fast as normal but these are not normal days. Have a great weekend, and once again I really sorry about the delay to reply to your message. Charlotte

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