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Spektakulär: PO Box 28670, Edinburgh, EH4 9FU

Please note that we have now closed out Brick & Mortar shop on Colinton Road permanently and are now online.

However if you are local to Morningside or Bruntsfield please note that we do have some lovely designs available at the local Post Office. Morningside Post Office, 28-30 Morningside Road in Edinburgh.

11 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Valerie Rogerson

    I saw your shop is a stockist as Pappelina rugs. Do you have either the Ella or Aki rugs in your shop?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi Val

      Yes we are stockist of amazing Pappelina!

      Unfortunately we do not have any Ella or Aki in stock, however I placed an order a couple a weeks ago and it is due in to us mid February. In this delivery will be one AKI 70×140 in Lime and one ELLA 70×150 in Warm Grey. Pappelina discontinued Ella in Mud and Olive and replaced them with a lovely warm grey and a soft pink colour for this season.

      I can always try to add on to this order on Monday so if you please let me know what you are after then I can do my best to see if they can add it on:) Hope this helps.


  2. Claire

    Hello there, I popped in a little while ago looking for a couple more of the Zone woven baskets in the off white colour. Is there any chance they have come in yet?

  3. Martha baldwin

    I’m after a Robert the robot money box & I can’t find any online stockists – would you be able to post one out to me if I rang up & ordered one?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hello! We should be able to sort this easily. However we only have pink and grey in stock. KG Design just informed me they have no stock until mid May so sadly I wont get them in until early June (I hope). If the light grey or pink is what you are after let me know and we get it sorted. If wrong colour let me know which one you are after and will add your name to the customer order and get in touch when it arrives in. Hope this helps Charlotte

      1. Martha

        Aha that’s great – I’ve just checked with my daughter & she’d be very happy to have a pink one!
        How do I go about placing an order?
        Thanks for all your help :)

      2. Hello again

        I will get Zuzanna and Rachael in the loop, they are working this morning and will get it sorted for you. We do a payment over the phone transaction. The Robot is £14 and the standard shipping which would either be £3.35 for first class or £2.85 for second class. We can post it today with Royal mail.
        Zuzanna should be in the shop after 10.00 so feel free to give them a ring. All they need is your address and after that it is very straight forward. You can always email myself directly with your address if you like and I get Zuzanna to sort out the label first thing. Hope this helps, many thanks. Charlotte

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