Support your local independent shop this Christmas

Do I really need to ask people to support their local shops? Why do we need to do it? Do I do it myself? What is the big deal? Can we just not price hunt online or visit the big retail shops? So many questions and of course there are some text book answers and most likely a few hearty messages.

Of course you should support your local shops, if you don’t we would not be here. I think that is the main reason but of course you can see lots of lovely posters why you are support your local shops. Like this one…


I get it, small shops often have a smaller range, prices are not hammered due to competition and parking…oh don’t get me started on the parking around Holy Corner. But I do really love that we have so many shops in this area that are all lovely, different, personal and not to talk about the independent cafes, bistros and restaurants. So why not make a day out of it. Take the bus, meet up with a friend, chat your way though some shops, enjoy a great lunch or fika and then chat through a few other shops. Christmas shopping done and you had a nice day. One of the reasons why we are open on Sundays is because there is free parking and most cafes are open.

Now do I do it myself…come on I am not perfect! And I am a very convenient person and always (well feels like it) on a tight budget. I try the best I can! When I go food shopping, yes I go to a big supermarket and things do end up in the trolley because it is convenient. And with small children I like to get it done very quick and always seem to forget something. This is why Richard does our food shopping. He is great at shopping and only misses to buy things because I did not put them on the list and apparently after all our years together he can still not read my mind (sigh)! But I try to visit my favourite local shops now and then and I have also (since the girls arrived) created a gift box at home with things we pick up in sales, odd shops, Sweden holiday or whenever there is an opportunity. I went though it not that long ago and realised that the girls have enough in there so their Christmas gifts are sorted, will just add a tomte (santa/gnome) for them each since I like to continue my tradition.

I am incredible impressed by you who come in to see us with a list and get your Christmas gifts and treats here and enjoy the shop and a little chat (yes I can be a bit chatty). Thank you! We are still here only because all of you our wonderful customers.

Please try to support your local shops this winter and for the rest of the year. It does help your community and of course us as well. I promise to do my best as well!

For you with American Express cards, don’t forget their Shop Local Campaign starts the 6th December and runs all the way until the 21st December. Last year they did one Saturday and it was a huge success. Shops don’t have to pay to be part of it, just take the card.  It encourages people to explore the shops around them and rediscover the places beyond the TV advertising and corporate Christmas. You can come in and do your Christmas shopping with us instead of the big department store and get a £5 credit back from Amex. You can read more on AMEX website. I have already seen a few of my favourite shops is on their list (including our amazing local curry take-away…sorted)

Thank you and happy Christmas shopping, remember to take it easy and enjoy treating your loved ones, it should be fun!

Charlotte x