Say Hello…

How are you all? No, really – how are you all? It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, somehow time has just slipped away and now here we are mid February in between storms Ciara and Dennis (why don’t I have a job making up storm names?)

This time of year can feel a bit bleak. It’s freezing, wet and still pretty dark but we have lots to look forward to and all around us nature is showing signs of hope and new life. Last week was Valentine’s day – I hope you all had a day filled with love of whatever kind you choose. I actually bought myself a card this year (no, not sad actually!!) just because it was a really cool one and because I’m lucky to have me. I didn’t write in it, just stuck it on the fridge but it makes me smile seeing it every day.

I love cards – who doesn’t? I have a drawer full at home, none of which will be sent to anyone as I like them all too much. Yeah, I know… From working in Spektakular though, it’s pretty obvious you all love cards too and because of this we have just upped our game and restocked with a whole load of new ones – many of which will be heading to my special drawer I’m sure.

There are so many occasions that merit a thoughtful hello or message of love. There are of course the obvious ones – birthdays, new babies, weddings, new homes, get well soon cards but I have checked other holidays for this year and here are a few you might not have in your planners…

Send all the amazing females in your life a card on March 8th for International Women’s Day. There’s Siblings Day on April 10th although you might want to wait until August 2nd which is National Sisters Day (apologies to all the single children amongst you but think of the money you’ll save.) International Kissing Day on July 6th? Now that one I am putting straight in the diary ;-) October 25th is a crucial one – International Mother-In-Law Day, think of the brownie points you’ll get for remembering that one! Finally for now is probably the most important one of the year – November 13th is Kindness Day in the UK. Why not just send a card to someone you think needs a virtual hug or a reminder that they are not alone – it could make all the difference to them.

Our new cards are amazing. We now have a whole spinner for our ever popular minicards. We love these but they were a nightmare to display so we thought we’d go crazy and ordered a million more and a special stand too! There are special occasion ones but also lots of ones you could send all year round for no reason other than it’s a lovely thing to do. We also have some new suppliers of standard size cards and these are already a huge hit with customers and staff alike. My personal favourite is the You’re My Favourite Bad Influence card from Divine Savages shown below – I have too many people I could send this to though – I know, lucky me!

Getting a card for no reason in particular is one of the surprising and simple pleasures in life – come and have a look at our new stock and send some happiness.

Love Ruth xx

February deliveries

Lovely happy Spring deliveries are starting to arrive, January is a odd month for us retailers. The happiness of Christmas is over, it is dark, wet and quite frankly rather depressing. My pocket is empty so assume yours are too. And it is just too early to fill up the shop with happy, colourful, bright Spring designs. So yes I can happily say I am delighted January is over. I am just a bit sick and tired of these storms though, even though it brings the most beautiful sky full of rainbow clouds where the unicorn queen lives (why not, I do love the imagination of a five year old), but I do not and I am NOT enjoy that the boiler gave up last night and it wont be fixed until tomorrow morning. It was not nice at all to get up this morning, I got up, put on coffee and fan heater in kitchen and went back to the warm bed and we all stayed there until it was warm enough to even be able to spend time in the kitchen area.

Anyway now I am placing Spring orders and they are starting to arrive already. Last week, happy cards arrived from Lagom Design. A great mixture of new home, baby, birthday, Valentine’s and lets not forget our beautiful mothers.

Yesterday jewellery arrived!!! Yes a fantastic delivery with beautiful jewellery by Swedish Våga. Lovely Spring collection. Among necklaces and bracelets we also introduce earrings which I think will be a lovely addition to the jewellery cabinet.

Våga Jewellery 

We are also awaiting a beautiful Spring delivery from Swedish Sagaform. Happy pastels serving and cooking set mixed with new additions to the “on the go” Fresh range plus a lot more. You will not be disappointed!

Piccadilly Range by Sagaform Image Sagaform

And of course more plastic rugs are on its way. Love the Pappelina new FIA collection. Very happy. And wow the wonderful comments we have got on the stunning Regina that is now in the middle of the shop floor (yes please do walk on it, it is a great way for us to show you have fantastic these are).

Regina in romantic warm pink. Image by Pappelina

Tonight I am sitting with cushion orders and oh it will be a colourful Spring in the shop. Love the happy colours, it sure brightens up all our homes.

So plenty to look forward to and I shall try to keep up with the blog to show you what is arriving.

Charlotte x