Beautiful Wooden Moomin and Snorkmaiden by Finish LOVI.

Comics and lots of Moomin books!

We love the Moomins at Spektakulär!

When I grew up we only had a few TV channels and only one children’s program in the evening. I am not old but sometimes, like yesterday my sister told my daughter about a film she has on VHS and Stina went what is VHS? Well that was fun to explain! I guess today you do not need to buy CDs or DVDs or indeed books but I do anyway, not because I can access it easy on my phone but because I love holding a book and I like to treat myself with music I can play in my old car which only takes CDs. Anyway back to topic…

Moomin was one of the children programs on TV. And I grew up in Sweden so obviously they spoke Swedish Finish. Which was quite a strong accent to me then, however when I watched a modern Moomin here in the UK it felt all wrong. I missed the strong accent and calmness. I did remember Moomin being quite slow and boring! But then when I got older I started to read the stories and I fell in love with Moomins calm and kind nature and his family and friends. Some of the characters does freak me a little and I do know they can be quite scary.

So who are these Moomins? Here is a quick introduction to the main characters. I am sure most of you already know all about the Moomins so I guess this is for you who don’t and think maybe now is the time to find out more.

Moomintroll, aka Moomin. Always trying to be good and kind, making sure his friends are happy. He get excited about every little thing he finds while out exploring.

Moominpappa, a restless soul in his youth, travelled and explored. But now settled down with his family

Moominmamma, looks after them all calmly and wants everyone to be happy. Cooks amazing food and has the best handbag in the world filled with everything you might need at any time.

Little My, lives with the Moomins in the Moominhouse. I think the word mischievous was created after Little My. Love adventures, mess, catastrophes and would happily do something mean on purpose.

Sniff, also live with the Moomins. Is afraid of everything but yet want to take part in everything. His goal in life is to become rich but sadly never succeeds.

Snork Maiden, she like to think of herself as Moomin’s girlfriend. She is quite hard work, loves fashion but is happy and energetic.

Snufkin is Moomin’s absolute best friend. Carefree and lonesome. Comes and goes as he travels a lot. Own hardly anything except a harmonica.

Stinky, a selfish character who always plays jokes on the Moomin family.

Tove Jansson was an extraordinary writer and her imagination was just fantastic. I personally enjoy her love for nature, I have some of her other books here at home as well. The Art in Nature is in the pile by my bed ready to be read! I guess I have the time to do it now! Have you read it?

Customers often come in and go Moomin crazy! They need it all, everything we have and sometimes we have customers who has no clue and it turns out that in the UK, the Moomins was a trend some places but not everywhere. Once I had a mother in with her teenage daughter and the mum went “ohhhhhh the Moomins, I love the Moomins” and the daughter went, “who”…obviously I kicked her out of the shop!!! Well no, but her mum gave her such a shock horror look that I laughed out loud.

Moomins does belong with us at Spektakulär, but at the moment it is quite low in the shop which needs to be sorted once we can reopen again! We stock beautiful wooden characters by LOVI , tin mugs etc by MUURLA plus lots more. Oh I can not wait to get to the shop again and I can not wait to fill the shop up with Moomin and his family and friends!!

I hope you all have a good day, I have downloaded the couch to 5K app and think I will go out for the first session, however might be tomorrow instead. I am really putting this off as I am NOT a runner! I hate running, can walk miles after miles and happy to do hiits and bootcamps, but go for a run…no thank you! So this is probably a bit desperate! Will need to take the girls out for a walk, Stina went for a little cycle trip around the park last night but I don’t think Lovisa has been out for a few days. We have a garden which we share with three stairways and quite a few families, so have to make sure no one else is there before I send the girls out, so we could probably do with a walk around the area.

Tomorrow we will bake and I think we will bake something for FIKA FRIDAY (or indeed for the weekend). So let’s do a recipe or two. I do not think they are particularly Swedish treats but I did have them in my cookbook which I brought over from Sweden. The girls have picked two bakes so that is what we will do tomorrow!

Have a great evening!

Charlotte x