Getting started

Right I am learning to blog, and will try to update this blog as regularly as I can.. I promise!

First of all I would like to tell a bit more about us and who we are. Spektakulär means spectacular in Swedish, but you already figured that one out. One part Swedish, me Charlotte and one part Scottish, Richard.
Everywhere in Sweden you find these kind of boutiques, and I really missed one here so we decided to open up our own. And why not!

We have now been open for three weeks and the response has been great and it has been so lovely to see so many people returning and recommending us to their friends and family. However with me comes the baby bump and the shop will unfortunately be closed for a few days. After that we will open up longer hours and there will be two lovely part-timers, Lisa and Jenny who will look after you. From the middle of November you will also run in to Emma who will run the shop for us full-time, but now and then you might run into me and the little one.

Well I will be back with an update as soon as, and also I will put up some images so you can follow us when we get new deliveries, make new windows or any upcoming events…

Ha det så gott

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