New brand

It makes me happy when I see cheerful designs and a new brand to us is just that. We welcome MENU the sooo contemporary and functional yet so elegant Danish brand. I have seen them many times and could not resist stocking the very cool “Dropp” bowl in silicone. Yes it can be used as a fruit bowl, but there is so much more you can use it for. Since it is in silicone why not serve hot food in it or a summer trifle or the perfect (very popular in Sweden) “meringue suisse”.

And best of all when I bought the latest Homes & Interior Scotland magazine and there it was (Page 53).

But of course the “Dropp” bowl is not the only product we stock by MENU, here are a few images of the products we decided to join us in the shop. Better hurry since they already seem to be a new favourite.

See you soon
Ha det

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