Festival Season

Yes another year and another great Festival upon us. Since I am not a big fan of crowds I sneak out early in the morning for the stalls and workshops, or I look on-line for what I really want to see and for me it is the Book Festival,  I love books, love reading and during these years Richard has been forced to read Swedish crime.  In Sweden, summer holidays mean book reading in the hammock and it should be a crime novel,  and yes even if Stieg Larsson’s books about Lisbeth were terrific, there are plenty other of amazing writers out there, and they are growing bigger here which makes me happy to see.

You can almost always find an Scandinavian writer at the book festival and this year there are a couple of good ones, such as Jo Nesbo and Leif G W Persson. Jo Nesbo, well that man has been promoted like mad, and as the “new Larsson”, so I don’t really have to do that, but I do enjoy his books. But if you want something a bit different and heavier Leif G W Persson is your man. I remember watching the Swedish equivalent of “Crimewatch” years ago and he turned up as a profiler and he had this way of him that made me think “is he drunk??”, but no, it is just his way of behaving. He is one strong minded man and while on holiday in Sweden I noticed he did a program on TV where he is trying to solve some cold cases which have created a bit of a debate back home. But his books are good and I am glad to see that they are finally being translated into English.

The Book Festival is the perfect excuse to finally introduce a small range of Scandinavian childrens’ books to the shop, books that remind me of childhood and later. Since we are a bunch of sibilings and I’m the second oldest I had to read a lot of night time stories! So you will find Pettsson and his talking cat Findus, books by the fantastic Astrid Lindgren, the beautiful illustrated books by Elsa Beskow as well as the funny little Mrs Pepperpot.

Our lovely Emma has left us for the Book Festival so don’t forget to say hi if you see her there, but I promise she is not gone for good, will be back at weekends the rest of year while she is studying.

If you are looking for a small gift to someone you know that loves books we have great bookmarks by Pluto Produkter.

I am sure I can find a lot of Swedish or even some Scandinavian things at this years festival and I wish you an enjoyable festival with lots of fun, and I hope the sun will come out soon. Next year I will take Stina to theater and craft workshops.

Charlotte x

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