Autumn news…

It is the beginning of September and when I walked to the shop yesterday I did noticed that the leaf are starting to change colour, oh what a shame that the Summer just never seemed to arrive this year. Well I hope it will be a fantastic Autumn instead. I do enjoy the Autumn, the colours are amazing, the air will be fresh and the feeling after a long walk is inspiring. I dig out all the thick quilts and it is time to lit up a few candles at night which I love.

It is time for a bit of a change in the shop so during September you will notice a lot of new products and designs in the shop. I can not believe that in two weeks we have been open a year.  A year go I was heavily pregnant, getting ready to set up my dream, a small Scandinavian shop with designs I love and I believe will make a home feel more loved. Also very excited but a bit terrified of having a baby, and at the same time as well. Well it worked out quite alright, but it sure has been a busy year with a lot of ups and downs, and to be honest I am still learning.

If you have been into the shop you will have most likely been greeted by Emma, our Australian girl who has been here full-time. She is now taking a new direction in life and is going back to school, so from now on she will be here at Saturdays, Lisa the Swedish lady is in as normal on Wednesdays and our newest member of staff is Beata, also Swedish. New as well is that on Mondays and Tuesdays you will meet me in the shop, so do pop in and see us, we love to help if you are looking for a gift or just would like to treat yourself with some lovely Scandinavian designs.

Have a great week and I am looking forward seeing you soon.

Charlotte x

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