Lights in Alingsås

Alingsås is my hometown in Sweden, a small town about 40 min drive north east of Gothenburg. It is a lovely village, it is often called the café village, it is a cosy town where the centre of town is all built in wooden houses with cobble streets. For eleven years now the town lights up during October. Lightning designers and students from across the world gather in Alingsås and create wonderful illuminations. This is the largest arrangement of experimental lighting design of public places in Europe.

I remember the first year and how amazed I was and how happy it made me feel whilst walking around in the evenings admiring the buildings and objects that were transformed. Autumn is very dark in Sweden, well here in Scotland as well, but when you are starting to feel a bit gloomy this event is something that is really cheers you up.  I am pleased that this event has kept growing and I really recommend to visit Lights in Alingsås during October each year, and every year it changes with new designers lighting up different parts of the town.

These lovely images are just a few, please check out the Lights in Alingsås website for lots of fantastic images and inspiration during a dark Autumn day.

Charlotte x

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