Funky reflectors

I got a bit of a reminder of the long dark evenings ahead the other day when I closed the shop. That hour sure makes a difference, it gets dark early, too early! And whilst walking to the car and then driving to collect Stina at nursery I noticed how many people were out walking, and sadly not many were wearing any kind of reflector. It is dark and lets face it most of us were dark clothing, jeans, suits, school uniforms and dark jackets , it is hard to see while you are driving, especially if it is a bit of rain in the air.

We are so happy and thrilled to introduce Glimmis. Reflectors in lots of different designs, from funky dinosaurs, seasonal snowflakes, elegant lilies, pretty hearts to the lovely character Moomin or his friend Little My?! On their website you can do a test on how visual you are in the dark with and without reflectors or you can find your own favourite.

Growing up in Sweden I was taught early how important it is to be seen in the dark, it does not matter if you live on the country side or in the city. Must admit I thought it was a bit silly but as soon as I got my own drivers licence and almost hit a man walking on a main road late one evening in dark clothing, I decided to always were some kind of reflector, as my dad would say “it sure is a cheap life insurance”.

I know now these days while my mum is out walking the dog at night she wears a reflector vest and the leash has reflectors in it as well as the dog collar, I think the collar might even have flashing lights!

Please remember: Stay safe, be smart, be seen!!!

Charlotte x

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