Christmas is getting closer…

First I have to say I am sorry for not updating here more often, I have a long backlog of photos from the shop with lovely new designs, however the only time I have to sort them out is at night after Stina fallen asleep, but the last few weeks we have not been that well, guess we managed to caught a few of the winter bugs! Typical!!!

Anyway, I am so glad to see all our lovely regulars and also so many new faces in the shop. Thank you everyone for recommending us! We are still a very small shop with a lot of trial and error, but we have learned a lot this year and believe the range is better than ever. This is our second Christmas and this year we introduce just a small selection of Christmas decorations and also a few Santa (Tomtar) and wow have they been popular. Next year I will get more in for sure! We love the fact that our customers come to us for something different, unique, something you can not really find anywhere else.

It is now one week left until Christmas and we still got most designs left in stock but unfortunately some things are nearly gone and we wont be able to get them in before Christmas. So if there is something you know you would like please do give us a ring and we are happy to put it aside for you.

Charlotte x


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