Time for a new Pappelina order

After lots of interest and requests,  it is time for the next Pappelina order to go in,  we decided it will be placed on Tuesday the 17th of January. So if you have not measured that special space yet now is the time. Just give us a ring for more information or pop in and see us and we are happy to give you some advice.

I am sooooo pleased to see the interest in the plastic rugs, they are fantastic! As a good quality and long lasting rug it is a perfect option, they are hardwearing and easy to clean. If you have a small one, just pop it in the washing machine, I have a longer one in my kitchen so I just hose it down in the bathtub, using a soft sponge on any marks with a bit of detergent or just some washing up liquid. Even Richard, who was a bit confused with the idea of plastic rugs, now likes ours and is not against having more in the house. Which is perfect because I have my eye on a really long Viggo Star for our hallway, and a large Alice or maybe a Siri in the dinning room and why not a Vera One in the bathroom…Oh I better stop or Richard will panic, one at a time he would say.

Pappelina doesn’t only do fantastic rugs they also do lots of other lovely designs and products such as massive blankets, tea towels, lamp shades and more. Please have a look at their website for more information or for just some ideas and inspiration.

Please do note that when an order is placed the delivery can some times be quite long, up till six weeks. If they have them in stock then they will be here within a week, but sometimes they have to weave them especially for our order and due to the delicate process of weaving the rugs they do it with extra care. You can find out more about the procedure at their website.

Here are some of my favourite designs

Have a lovely week and see you soon

Charlotte x

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