Offer this week

Hurrah one of my favourite flowers has started to arrive to the shops, the tulip! Was never a big fan until I moved in to my own flat and just saw how they cheered it up, been hooked ever since!

Well I believe flowers, any kind of flowers,  make you happy so this week we will have an offer on Cult Designs lovely “Prisma” Vase.  A well designed vase for any kind of bouquet, simple yet stylish! Normal price £25 now with 20% off bargain £20!

Image by Cult Design

The offer will last this week only (Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd). It is a perfect gift for someone who needs to be cheered up or someone who just loves flowers.

I forgot my camera at home but the vase looks lovely in the window and on the counter with purple and white tulips, so pop in am looking forward seeing you during the week!

Charlotte x

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