Daily offer until Mother’s Day Sunday the 18th!!!

Mother’s Day this Sunday!!! I hope you have done a lot of hints the last few weeks. I sure have, this is quite a new “special day” for me since Stina is only 17 months now and last year was a bit of a blur, so I can honestly say I don’t remember that day very much!

Anyway from today Wednesday we will have a daily offer until Sunday, yes it is true, everyday a great offer! So keep an eye on our blog and on our Facebook page for the daily offer. Or why not just pop in and say hi.

So today Wednesday 14th special offer.

Image by Pluto Produkter

10% on all Pluto Produkter Jewellery trees.

Now a stylish and gorgeous tree and a lovely piece of jewellery would be just perfect. We have three designs in at the moment, the large gorgeous “Deco” tree is black and white, the stylish”Owl” in black and the very pretty “Leaf” in white.

Am looking forward to see you during the week and don’t forget to give those hints…

Charlotte x

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