Shop on a Friday afternoon in images…

The shop is receiving more and more seasonal designs and it is getting all colourful again. So it is changing from day to day which is so nice and make me happy.

I hope you will have a lovely weekend and please do pop into the shop and say hello if you are in the area.

Charlotte x

3 thoughts on “Shop on a Friday afternoon in images…

    1. Hi Suzanne! I assume it is Sagaform’s Club you are looking at. Sagaform has discontinued this range now so I think they are starting to sell out here and there sadly. I need to double check what we have left (unfortunately our stock system is not completely up to date at the moment). I see that these have old prices on them. Sadly they have gone up since 2012. Champagne flutes set of two is £14 orange/turquoise or pink/green is the options. Martini and all purpose glasses are set of four with all four colours. They are £28 per set. I will get Zuzanna who is working tomorrow to check what we have left and check also shipping costs. We do mail-order and take payments over the phone.

      1. Oh hello…a little hand sneaked in and helped me send an unfinished messages! Sorry! Let me know which ones you are after and I get Zuzanna to check and also check the shipping cost tomorrow. They are such a happy range and I am quite sad that they have been discontinued now. Made a lot of people happy! Kind regards Charlotte

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