Deliveries and new brand

A couple of weeks ago Richard and I made a last minute decision to head down to London to the Home and Top Drawer trade fairs. First time we were both away from Stina for a night which was with mixed feelings, but she was great with her grandparents so it was all fine. Great time for me and Richard to actually spend a little time alone, go out for a nice meal and have a good chat about other things than Stina and Spektakulär. However we were there for a trade fair so it was a lot of Spektakulär talk, and anyone who has children will always think about them so I guess there was some Stina talk as well:)

Scandinavian design is really on the trend right now and many of our suppliers where at these two fairs, so great to catch up and also great to meet and greet people I have only spoken to on the phone or emailed. We caught up with Sagaform, Sea Glasbruk, QDO, Pappelina, ISAK, Teddykompaniet, Allihopa and of course we saw lots of new brands which we are slowly introducing to the shop. Of course I could not walk by Marimekko or Ittala without having a look…one day!

First up to arrive this Spring is Almedahls. This beautiful textile company was  founded in 1846 in Gothenburg. Strong patterns and designs in quality textile.  Am excited to introduce tea towels with vintage prints from the 50’s. Timeless classics,  I have seen these when growing up in Sweden. If you like the Scandinavian Retro feel, I am sure you wont be disappointed. These tea towels are in 55% Linen & 45% Cotton, a beautiful gift to your home.

almedahls-the-mushroom-forest-autumn-kitchen-towel (1) almedahls-picknick-tea-towel almedahls-persson-s-spice-cabinet-kitchen-towel

These are just a few of the designs that will arrive this week, as well as a few beautiful birch trays.

But not only new brands will arrive. Linum arrived on Friday with Napkins, Aprons, Cushions, Rugs and lots more beautiful designs, the shop is looking nice and fresh:)

See you in the shop

Charlotte x

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