It’s Pappelina time!!!

It is time for a new Pappelina order! 14th of October is the date! So for all you that is thinking about it! Now is the time to measure that space that is in need of something special…the amazing Pappelina plastic rug!

I can not help myself, so here we go again (sorry for my ranting)!!! I love this brand! I love my rug and if I could I would happily fill up my whole house with these rugs. Our hallway, under our big dining table, our bathroom, the girls room, the office! But for now one room at the time, and we started with a long colourful Lilo in Azure blue for our little kitchen!

Our kitchen rug, first of all we have black slate tiles so it for sure brightens the room up, second it hides all the crumbs, I am a rather messy baker and it is just super easy to hoover up any sugar, flour or anything that I manage to spill on it. Just hoover, mop, smaller ones goes in the washing machine or like I do I pop mine in the bathtub, rinse it and if any big stains happens to been created I just use a soft sponge and rub very gently. I just use washing up detergent to get it cleaned. When I happen to mop the kitchen floor I just want to hurry it to dry so I can put the rug back on it, a bit silly…I know!

I do have customers who have informed me (since I do not have any pets myself) that they are great for animals! “Not even the dog can break it”.

Vera One Large
Vera One Large

So I think I have done enough of my ranting for this time! Why not pop in to the shop and have a feel! We are very happy to give you a hand with colours, designs, sizes and prices!

Pappelina is a Swedish brand based in the county of Dalarna. All the rugs are made in Sweden and made in a very delicate procedure.  Please do read more about it on their website, click here. Please do notice that after our order has been placed, the rugs will be made which means delivery to us can take up to six weeks which might sound long but in fact you will get a quality rug that is hard wearing and functional which should last you many years of happiness:)

Please do browse their website for a little bit of eye candy:) Enjoy!

Charlotte x

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