Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not really a Scandinavian tradition but I must admit I enjoy the excitement my three year old shows. We will carving our pumpkin today! She is off to a Halloween Disco tonight so I think she will be pretty happy when she gets home.

I am excited too but for other reasons! Tonight is the night we will introduce Christmas! The shop will transform and we are all very excited. Åsa  and Zuzanna is there preparing as much as they can before the rest will drop in one by one! My mum is over from Sweden and we have baked soft gingerbread cake to get into the Christmas mood!!!

Since we will be in the shop we will lit pumpkins outside the shop and if you are out with your little ones then do come along, we would love to see your costumes. We do have a bucket of sweets:-)

Right I am off, neighbor will collect Stina in 20 min and then we are heading over! Oh exciting! Have a sneak peak through the window tonight if you are out and about, if not pop in over the weekend. The shop will be way different than today!

Charlotte x

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