Edinburgh Academy Christmas Fair and new deliveries…

Once again we will be at the Edinburgh Academy Christmas Fair…hooray! Our third year and this year we are back at Assembly Room which is such a lovely bright space. Even though I have not even started to prepare for the fair or the layout I feel pretty relaxed. Maybe it is the stress at the shop at the moment or the sleepless night with a teething baby that makes me not to think about this event too much…I don’t know!

I am pretty sure it will work out just fine, I have a list what needs to be done (sometimes I am glad Richard force me to use google docs and create all these lists) I have an idea in my head and I have amazing staff who will give me a hand if I need it. Having massive I mean MASSIVE pallets arrive almost every day at the moment make the shop really full of gifts and treats so I have so much to choose from to bring with me to the Academy. You who know the shop you know how tiny it is and I am just as amazed as you are that we manage to show everything off.

Anyway I really hope that if you are visiting the Academy this Saturday please do come by the stall and say hi! It is a great fair and you can differently find some gifts and treats. 2013 Big Christmas Flyer_400

Yesterday a large pallet from a new brand to us, Danish Bovictus arrived! Beautiful new designs such as kitchen ware,candles, lanterns and bird feeders arrived! And tomorrow…oh fingers crossed…the stunning and so elegant Danish Ester & Erik candles will arrive as well as a massive delivery with Pluto Produkter, Färg & Form, Superliving and oh I just need to head over and give Zuzanna a hand I think. Today a small box arrived and by the end of the day when we had cleared the back shop we open it and oh man I wished I had open it first. beautiful beautiful Almedahl’s amazing retro designs. Oh these are pure happiness to me! These designs were made in the Sweden in 50s’ and my grandmother’s had these, so memories at the best. I better get some of these wonderful tea towels and perhaps create some memories from my own daughters.


Anyway I have the PC tonight and Richard is trying to get Lovisa to sleep (I can tell it is not going so well), so I better crack on:)

Charlotte x

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Academy Christmas Fair and new deliveries…

  1. Hi Charlotte, those tea towels are brilliant, I’ll be in soon to check out all your new bits and bobs. Good Luck in the Assembly Rooms, amazing venue isn’t it. Can I use the pictures of the teatowels on my blog? thanks, Katie x

    1. Hi Katie

      Of course you can use them:) Check out their website for more information and also some more lovely designs. I do stock quite a few of the designs we introduced this brand in the Spring and they were a hit.
      I was thinking since you are local I thought I might invite you to my home on the 8th of December for a pop-up shop. We will have a little shop in our dining room and there will be mulled wine and ginger snaps. A few of my friends who live locally sometimes struggle to come across town so I thought why not bring a little bit of it over to Blackhall. Between 14.00 – 17.00 at 6 Seaforth Terrace at the Blackhall Dip. Entrance is right next to the Trinity Shop, Gibson/Brink on the door (but I am sure it will be open that day). Bring a friend or two:)
      Charlotte x

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