Happy Easter Hens by Nääsgränsgården

Love love love Swedish Nääsgränsgården! Every Christmas we stock up on the little Santas and every single one find a new home and they are so beautiful! So this Easter we are happy to introduce a few happy and colourful Hens.

The Happy Easter Hens comes in three sizes and in lots of happy colours. These might also be nice for the kitchen all year around:)

Alix was in and played with her new camera (am happy every time she does, check out her website here). And she sent me some photos which made me very happy. I have now unpacked the hens and they sure brighten up the shop.

Think I need to get my girls one each! Shame I do not have pink since it is the ONLY colour Stina likes…how that happen I do not know!!!

Have a great week

Charlotte x

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