Guess what?…Pappelina has arrived!!!

Woo hoo! A new Pappelina delivery arrived this week with more doormats 50×70 cm (which are just flying out), new 70×90 cm designs, as well as 70×100 cm and 70×150 cm plastic rugs! Oh we love our Pappelina plastic rugs here at Spektakulär and we could not be happier to see how amazing the response is! They have been with us since we open the shop 3.5 years ago and the interest and general delight they have created is part of us. I don’t think we have ever had such a broad range as we do at the moment. Almost all the designs of the doormats are in stock. A few of the lovely new Spring/Summer 2014 designs as well! Pappelina Rugs

Plastic rugs, yes the idea have scared a few… taken them out of their comfort zone. My husband included! But he does not mind the one in our kitchen, he actually quite like it, and yes I think there will be a few more, he has been converted! I am eyeing up one of the large ones for under our dining table (perhaps after Lovisa stopped throwing EVERYTHING and I mean a lot of food…after every meal I wished we had dog) and a long runner for our very long hallway and perhaps one for the bathroom and if we had a garden the one for there too. Maybe one at the time!

I cannot stress how good they are: durable, easy to clean, non-slip (well unless you might have some really super wild children who will prove me wrong), good quality and just happy. Plus they seem to hide all the crumbs in the kitchen, I’m surprised every time I hoover.

Vera One 70x90 cm in Yellow, Orange, Lime, Purple and Blueberry
Vera One 70×90 cm in Yellow, Orange, Lime, Purple and Blueberry

So the best way to get an idea about them is to have a good feel so do pop in and explore, we also just had lots of catalogues delivered so if you are just like me and prefer to browse a catalogue in the sofa with a cup of coffee rather then looking at a screen then just let us know. But if you are just like Richard and just want to look at things online please do so. Check out their webshop for inspiration and more information. Please feel free to call us if you like to know the prices of a special rug or to see what we have in store please do on 0131 6290941. And yes we take orders regularly and since Pappelina have teamed up with a new UK distributor we will be able to get them in quicker from now on.

Charlotte x

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