Sweden weekend trip early May

I have not been home to Sweden for quite some time and of course it is always in the back of my mind that we need to go home for a little visit. Lovisa does not even have a passport yet so do feel a bit guilty about it! Sadly a few weeks back I got a dreaded phone call letting me know my grandmother had ended up in hospital and had an emergency operation. She survived and turned 90 the week after! But of course since I am not living around the corner it is not easy to visit her as much as I like! So a bit of guilt feelings got a bit stronger and I had quite an emotional weekend.

Lovisa has been a bit poorly since starting nursery and to be perfectly honest we are knackered! Sadly I thought I copped better with the lack of sleep but I don’t and poor Stina never gets the attention I feel that she needs. So I decided lets go home, just the two of us! So a Friday morning Stina and I got up at 4 am (glad Richard drove us to the airport) to catch the 6 am flight and we landed in Sweden just before 9 am local time.

Checking out the airplanes while waiting to board out flight to Sweden.
Checking out the aeroplanes!

Then collected by sister and Stina’s two cousins Erik and Emma. Oh the happiness! Headed north to Trollhättan, sister had to head out to the fields to make sure the peas are being sowed at the right place at the right time. She is very good at what she does but has a very weather based job so she headed off and me and the kids walked to the hospital (about 10 min walk) and visited my farmor (fathers mother). My dad came as well with one of my brothers and one of my sisters. I do have a few siblings which is so nice.  It was so lovely to give my grandmother a big hug and a kiss! Must admit I felt a bit relieved I got to do that, however a three year old is not that easy to entertain at a hospital where people wants you to be quiet so we did not stay too long. Back to my sisters and the others arrived later after they finished at the hospital for coffee and then my sister came home. So we made tacos and after the kids was in bed after a pretty amazing bubble bath, my lovely sister and I had a really nice evening, a lot of bubbly drinks and chat.wpid-img_20140502_194206.jpg

Saturday we did a quick visit to sisters summer house.


Then home to Alingsås and my mums house. All except one sibling arrived (he claimed he was too tiered, lazy when you are 19) we BBQ and had a lovely evening.

Then Sunday, shopping with my mum for my girls, met up with two of my dearest friends and their daughters.Enjoying a soft vanilla ice cream with salty liquorice sprinklers

Then took Stina to the main park in Alingsås for a good play. Home and Swedish pizza for dinner (yes it is something special about Swedish pizzas).



Monday, oh gosh so intense and yes I do get a bit stressed when things does not come together as well as I planned. But hey we all survived! Up early, headed to Göteborg and to a specialist dentist, my mum had an appointment, after finished there of to visit my mormor (mothers mother) for a super quick lunch. Picked up my auntie on the way and my little sister arrived as well. 45 min later off to the airport and then that was it.

Good to be back in Scotland, hard to be away from the little one, it was lovely to get big cuddles and snotty kisses (even though I got a few nights of sleep and feel a bit more rested this was a bit too intense).

But oh I miss Sweden, I miss my family, friends and my language. I have a pretty amazing life here, lovely Scottish family, amazing friends but my Swedish heart is calling, don’t know what it is…perhaps just my romantic image of how a life in Sweden would be. I have spent most of my adult life in the UK. I did have a wonderful childhood growing up in a small village in the country side with lots of siblings, then would it be the same living there now as then? Probably not! However there will always be the thought of a move to Sweden and I am a restless soul. So I doubt staying in Edinburgh forever is probably not happening! But now I also have to think of my children and Richard, what is best for us is the main question and yes then the romantic picture of Sweden appears! At least we should try to give our daughters get best of two worlds with two languages and two cultures.

Back at the shop I am now enjoying my favourite Swedish interior magazine “Lantliv” and a cup of the always essential coffee! I wrote this weeks ago, sadly forgot to post it so a bit out of date! Oh well, we have booked a long holiday home in August which I am looking forward to.


Charlotte x

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